Promoted Feature: Gainsborough at the Bed Show 2019

Aug 21, 2019 | Exhibitor News

Mayfair – the quality pocket of choice

In a short space of time, Gainsborough’s Mayfair collection has become an impressive success story. The range has been well received by retailers and this is due, in part, to the early involvement of key retailers during the design process. As managing director, Nick Gigg says “We recognise that bricks and mortar retailers have a unique understanding of what their customers are looking for. Being able to tap into that expertise and design a product based on the feedback has been extremely useful.” The results are impressive with many multi-store retailers citing Mayfair as their best-selling range, and to quote one retailer “Mayfair is now my pocket of choice.”

Some of the finest fillings available including cashmere, merino and alpaca wool are finished with up to three rows of hand side stitching, hand tufting and eight embroidered flag-stitch handles. What really sets this range apart, however, is the support layer. Many brands would boast 3,000 springs in their top model, but for Mayfair, this is just the beginning. Moving up through 5,000, 7,000 and 9,000, the range peaks at an amazing 13,000 individual pocket springs.

On show at Telford this year is the next phase of the Mayfair’s development, a pillow top, the clever combination of micro springs and fillings reduces settlement yet offers the same generous specification. Crucially for the retailer it can be offered at exactly the same price points as the regular version. As Nick Gigg explains, “Mayfair is designed to make the retailers’ job as easy as possible. The look and feel of the mattress sells itself and we’re rolling out new options to satisfy as many customers as possible.”

Mayfair is made in the UK and carries a 10 year frame guarantee. This range was conceived to give retailers a collection that they could confidently offer to any customer looking for a top quality bed, and it has proved that it can deliver a compelling solution.

There is more to come from Gainsborough, as Nick explains, “The methodology behind creating Mayfair was a bit of a departure for us, but the success of it reassures me that we got it right. My aim is to bring the thinking behind the range development to the rest of our portfolio. There are plans for the rest of the bed range, and some very exciting developments on our sofa bed range. The Mayfair project started with us liaising closely with our retailers, so I would encourage customers to come on to our stand and talk to us about Gainsborough’s future plans.”