Promoted Feature – John Cotton – Launching ECO₂Blend at the NBF show 2023

Sep 25, 2023 | Exhibitor News

This year, John Cotton are delighted to be launching ECO₂Blend at the NBF show, a UK first, and a product that brings us a step closer to achieving a reduction in our own carbon emissions and helping our customers reduce theirs too.

John Cotton is always striving for innovation and creating products that reduce the negative and harmful impacts on the environment. Recently this has been elevated higher up our agenda due to the targets set by the government and from customer requests to help design products that can reduce their carbon emissions too. John Cotton has made a commitment to be a Carbon Net Zero business by 2040, already making some significant achievements. In 2023 John Cotton is looking at using lower carbon materials within our products, contributing to our set targets and also helping our customers.

Listening to our customers and striving for innovation –

Until now, most synthetic mattress or upholstery components which are derived from recycled polymers require intensive processing and energy, resulting in relatively higher carbon outputs. Our customers have a limited choice in materials which offer a relatively lower carbon output, with most of these materials being animal or plant-based fibres that have restricted structural support.

ECO₂Blend, will be the first of its kind within the industry sector to provide a polyester blend that has a ‘negative’ carbon output, bringing tremendous value to our customers by providing a structurally robust solution, while also aiding in the reduction of carbon emissions and is fully recyclable at the end of life.

The technology

In the last few months John Cotton has worked with one of our long-standing fibre suppliers to create a product that goes further than carbon neutral and is carbon ‘negative’. This fibre will form part of a unique blend to create our “carbon negative, earth positive” ECO₂Blend.

ECO₂Blend is created from waste gases, including carbon dioxide, which are diverted into a bio reactor that uses microbes to metabolise the gases into ethanol. The ethanol is then converted into Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and co-polymerised into 100% recyclable polyester (PET).

John Cotton are the first company in the UK to utilise this technology in fibrous form and are excited at the prospects this can bring for the future generation of products.

ECO₂Blend credentials

  • Carbon negative – Earth Positive

A blend of fibres has been carefully engineered to ensure the impacts to our planet are reduced by delivering a negative carbon output and a lowered carbon footprint.

  • ECo conscious

Manufactured from recycled PET and Biowaste gases, ECO₂Blend is the blend of choice when considering your environmental impacts and is 100% recyclable at the end of life.

  • Resilient

ECo₂Blend is a resilient and durable blend that will deliver a high level of comfort and support within a mattress or upholstery.